[Mondrian] Update on retroweaver 2.0.7 upgrade

Eric McDermid mcdermid at stonecreek.com
Tue Feb 3 15:53:02 EST 2009

On Feb 3, 2009, at 1:44 PM, Julian Hyde wrote:
> It has to be said: RowsetDefinition is a beast of a class. It is an  
> enum
> 7000 lines long with about 20 members each of which has its own method
> implementations and is therefore effectivly an inner class, and  
> another 24
> inner classes. I don't apologise for that - I think keeping it all  
> in one
> file helps to keep things uniform - but I can see how retroweaver  
> might have
> problems. Point out this fact to the Retroweaver developers if they  
> have not
> noticed!

I'm sure they will if they haven't already.  It's pretty hard to miss.

I'm inclined to give Xavier a shot at diagnosing the problem before  
going back and restructuring RowsetDefinition.  The earlier version of  
retroweaver seems to have handled RowsetDefinition just fine, so this  
may just be a corner case that's accidentally been broken and not yet  
covered in the test suite.

It's also still possible that this is just another environmental  
problem on my end with the setup of the weaving phase.  If that's the  
case, I should know soon.

  -- Eric

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