[Mondrian] JasperServer 3.7 Cache Improvements?

Sherman Wood swood at jaspersoft.com
Thu Dec 17 19:37:31 EST 2009

I am not moving/coordinating detailed objects like Member and Segments
between JasperServer instances.

The focus was to get cache flushing across the cluster correct. In a load
balanced environment, you will have separate JasperServer instances using
the same schema + connection information with different cache contents,
based on the different MDX that has been executed. If the schema and/or
connection info changed in the central repository, all the servers needed
their caches flushed for just that connection. Future enhancements will
allow cache flushing across the cluster when the database is updated,
timed flushing, flushing on a server by server basis (for 24x7
availability) and flushing a slice of the cache based on the Mondrian
CacheControl feature.

I think it would be interesting to see whether Mondrian result caching can
be improved in some way as an experiment. For clustering the detailed
cache, we would probably need to break out the Mondrian cache into
something JSR 107 compliant (like ehcache) that can do the clustering if
needed. Given the synchronization overhead, performance would have to be
watched and you may be looking at asynch cache updates.


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On Dec 17, 2009, at 12:23 PM, Sherman Wood wrote:

> The clustering improvements are related to coordinating Mondrian  
> caches
> across machines that share a JasperServer repository, which contains
> Mondrian schema and connection metadata. There were no changes  
> needed to
> Mondrian for this.

Thanks Sherman.  A generalized ability to share cache objects across  
servers would be interesting to other people involved in the project,  
I'd imagine.

I understand it is possible that no changes would have been required  
to Mondrian for JasperServer to implement this feature.  Unless I'm  
missing the context of the actual feature which is possible. I assume  
you're not talking about caching MDX Result Sets, but rather  
distributing/clustering the cache objects managed by Mondrian (Member,  
segments, etc)?

If we're talking about Mondrian cache objects, did we all miss an  
opportunity to share and improve Mondrian caching to benefit  
everyone?  That, I think, remains the primary purpose of this list,  
public source, permissive license, etc?

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