[Mondrian] JasperServer 3.7 Cache Improvements?

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Dec 17 15:27:01 EST 2009

> Nick Goodman wrote:
> I noticed that JasperServer 3.7 claims to have done some clustering  
> and caching enhancements.  I don't recall seeing any commits by  
> JasperSoft in this area.
> Anyone know what these features actually do?  Schema and Cache  
> improvements, including clustering seem a natural fit for the core  
> project instead of a baked on individual server feature.

The JasperServer 3.7 release notes refer to "Enhanced Mondrian schema and
cache management, including clustering".

In April Sherman Wood from Jaspersoft contributed a fix to for the caching
of schema definitions when read over Apache VFS. Maybe that is the 'schema
cache enhancement' referred to.

But I don't know about clustering. I haven't seen any Jaspersoft
contributions to the engine (unless you count support for Netezza and
Infobright dialects) for several years.

Since JasperServer 3.7 is based on mondrian-3.1.1, here are the
mondrian-3.1.1 release notes:



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