[Mondrian] NativizeSetFunDefTest and mondrian.olap.SsasCompatibleNaming

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Dec 16 04:29:25 EST 2009

If I run the test suite with mondrian.olap.SsasCompatibleNaming=true, I get
lots of errors from NativizeSetFunDefTest. This is one of those options for
which the test suite needs to pass regardless of the setting. It's important
that the test suite works with this option set to true, because this will be
the default behavior of mondrian in 4.0.
(You weren't to know that this parameter was important. We're setting up a
hudson instance that tests all of these obscure parameters, and runs on
multiple databases and jdks regularly.)
Can you please fix NativizeSetFunDefTest for this option?
There are also errors in NonEmptyTest, SchemaTest and XmlaBasicTest. I have
not figured out who owns there.
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