[Mondrian] Mondrian-3.1 development branch

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Sat Aug 15 13:24:05 EDT 2009

> Will wrote:
> I wanted to let you know that we're aiming to release Mondrian 3.1.2
> based on the Mondrian 3.1 branch early next week (late Monday or early
> Tuesday).  If you have any additional bug fixes you'd like to place in
> the branch, please let us know by end of business Monday.

I believe that the test suite is running clean. But of course
http://ci.pentaho.com/job/mondrian/ is running on the main line, not the 3.1

I'll send out a report of the test suite running on other configurations,
next time it completes. I know there are a few errors in other
configurations -- and most of these are known problems, but let's check that
there are no show-stoppers. I have a feeling that Will's most recent change
(hierarchy captions) will need a new ref log for XmlaBasicTest running on
JDK 1.4. 

If there are no show-stoppers in the test suite, we're a go for a release
next week.


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