[Mondrian] RE: Hierarchy Captions

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Aug 12 20:00:18 EDT 2009

> Will Gorman wrote:
> I am working on a case related to JPivot and Hierarchy captions
> (MONDRIAN-565).  Right now the behavior is that the hierarchy caption
> value, if not set, defaults to the dimension caption.  The dimension
> caption defaults to the dimension name if the dimension caption is not
> set.  Therefore, in most cases, a hierarchy caption ends up being the
> dimension name.
> This causes issues when you have a dimension like Time, which has a
> default hierarchy and a Weekly hierarchy.  In JPivot, both hierarchy
> captions appear as "Time".
> I can easily change this behavior by adding a little special logic to
> only use the dimension caption if the hierarchy name is null, 
> otherwise
> use the hierarchy name.  Four unit tests fail though, and I wanted to
> verify that behavior with you.  All four tests are expecting 
> "Time" for
> the Time.Weekly hierarchy caption, but get "Weekly" instead.

The new behavior -- hiearchy caption  defaults to hierarchy name -- is
superior. Go for it.

Be sure to run the tests with SsasCompatibilityMode set to both true and
false. That option affects dimensions with multiple hierarchies very
significantly. It is currently false by default, but will be true in 4.0.

Also check that this works with i18n, specifically that which allows you to
substitute your locale's values for cube, dimension, hierarchy, level
captions using a localizing schema reader. The localizing schema reader
itself should be OK, but check it, and also check the i81n doc.


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