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Interresting paper on the subject.


Luc Boudreau

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 1:00 PM, Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com> wrote:

>   Matt Campbell wrote:
> Regarding compression:  Analysis Services 2005+ uses a compressed binary
> representation of their XMLA as the default mechanism, but their binary
> protocol is proprietary.  Without an open standard we'd have no way to
> compress the XMLA in a way that clients could understand.
> Matt,
> I tend to think the same way as you on matters of standards compliance. I
> think that by defining a very verbose standard, and then making compression
> a non-standard extension, Microsoft sent us all down the river and kept the
> only paddle.
> XML compression is the obvious solution here. The compression rate should
> be so high, and so easy, that it will improve CPU utilization as well as
> bandwidth. Absent an open standard, if we were to use a widely used, open
> source XML compression algorithm, I think it would be easy to incorporate
> into any client that wants it.
> Specifically, could you incorporate it into your client? I'm thinking that
> we'd have an HTTP header in the request and response describing the
> compression algorithm to use, and you'd have to interject a
> compressor/decompressor.
> Assuming you could add a compressor/decompressor to your client, let's
> continue to consider that as an option. Does anyone know of any candidate
> compression algorithms? I suspect that it would be a compression algorithm
> targeted at XML specifically -- because of the characteristic
> problems/opportunities in XML data -- but we could consider others.
> Julian
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