[Mondrian] Truncate decimal places in a measure aggregation

Eduardo Andrade eduardofandrade at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 12:15:20 EDT 2009

Hello guys,
I'm here knocking with my head and I can't get the result that I want. I've
searched on the xml_Schema page, the mondrian-2.2.2-technical-guide.pdf, and
on the forums, but failed to find an anser to my question.

Is it possible to format a measure truncating decimal places to its
aggregated value in the mondrian xml definition ?

Example :
I've got the measure :
    <Measure column="IPAPERIODOCALC" name="Dias" aggregator="sum"

And the sum is 134.87.
What I would like to show is 134 only, but it shows 135.

Does anyone knows if it is possible to do this ?

Thank you.

Eduardo Andrade
eduardofandrade at gmail.com
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