[Mondrian] XMLA response size

Paul Stoellberger paul.stoellberger at aschauer-edv.at
Fri Aug 7 11:35:43 EDT 2009


How did you trim the XMLA response?

Are you having any troubles when the XMLA response contains a large  
cellset? I'm not sure but i think i've read somewhere that this will  
cause a timeout somehow.

It would be nice if the XMLA response could be a) trimmed b)  
compressed somehow


On 7 Aug 2009, at 17:19, Peter Tran wrote:

> Matt,
> +1 This would an aweseome feature.  We also have the same issues  
> with large XMLA.
> -Peter
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> XMLA can be an extremely verbose protocol.  <ExecuteResponse>  
> contains a lot of amount of information that may not be terribly  
> relevant to the client application.  For example, the SlicerAxis  
> specification includes each dimension in the cube not referenced in  
> the query sliced at its default member (usually All).  <OlapInfo>  
> also is not necessarily needed by a client.
> Our cubes have a very large number of dimensions (1000+), which  
> results in a fair amount of overhead in XMLA processing, both in  
> serialization and deserialization.  What we've been considering is  
> enhancing the XmlaHandler to support a "verbose" property  
> (defaulting to true).  If the property is set to false, the response  
> will include only the information specifically relevant to the query.
> To provide some context, we have a set of test reports that run in  
> roughly 230 seconds with the current XMLA content.  These same  
> reports run in 70 seconds with a "trimmed" XMLA response.
> Our client application is Cognos 8...we haven't yet tested whether  
> Excel/O2X requires the extra metadata or not.
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