[Mondrian] XMLA response size

Matt Campbell mkambol at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 11:11:42 EDT 2009

XMLA can be an extremely verbose protocol.  <ExecuteResponse> contains a lot
of amount of information that may not be terribly relevant to the client
application.  For example, the SlicerAxis specification includes each
dimension in the cube not referenced in the query sliced at its default
member (usually All).  <OlapInfo> also is not necessarily needed by a

Our cubes have a very large number of dimensions (1000+), which results in a
fair amount of overhead in XMLA processing, both in serialization and
deserialization.  What we've been considering is enhancing the XmlaHandler
to support a "verbose" property (defaulting to true).  If the property is
set to false, the response will include only the information specifically
relevant to the query.

To provide some context, we have a set of test reports that run in roughly
230 seconds with the current XMLA content.  These same reports run in 70
seconds with a "trimmed" XMLA response.

Our client application is Cognos 8...we haven't yet tested whether Excel/O2X
requires the extra metadata or not.
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