[Mondrian] Mondrian-3.1 development branch

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon Aug 3 13:52:42 EDT 2009

Looks like there's going to be a mondrian-3.1.2 release, at some point,
containing various bug fixes, including fixes for issues discovered while
integrating into Pentaho's Citrus release.
My change over the weekend, change 12980 (Allow hierarchies from same
dimension on independent axes) is potentially a breaking change, so we don't
want to include it in Citrus or 3.1.2. So, I have created a branch for
further 3.1.x development. This will also allow use the freedom to work on
4.0 stuff.
The branch currently contains all changes up to 12687 (i.e. the same
contents as release 3.1.1). If my initial tests work OK, I will shortly
integrate all changes up to and including 12979 (the last change before
12980, duh). Then people bug-fixing for Citrus should do their development
on that branch.
If you want to use this branch, add //open/mondrian-release/3.1/... to your
perforce workspace definition.
I will ask Aaron to make sure there are Hudson jobs running on both
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