[Mondrian] RE: Same hierarchy on different axis

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Sun Aug 2 17:02:36 EDT 2009

Thanks for stepping up. I've checked in the change, as change 12980. You can
either build from source, or pull from Pentaho's nightly build.
I've tested Mondrian pretty thoroughly, so to reiterate, your main task is
to check that JPivot works. Use mondrian.olap.SsasCompatibleNaming=false
(the default value). I'm not so confident that JPivot will work with
mondrian.olap.SsasCompatibleNaming=true, and even though we want that
behavior to be the default in future, we don't need it to work now.
The thing to watch for is the naming of hierarchies. Consider the Weekly
hierarchy in the Time dimension. If SsasCompatibleNaming=false, this will be
named [Time.Weekly], but mondrian will also accept [Time].[Weekly], so that
is what JPivot should generate.
If SsasCompatibleNaming=true, Mondrian will generate [Time].[Weekly] as the
dimension name. And more importantly, you cannot use the dimension name as a
shorthand for the dimension's default hierarchy. Where you had previously
written [Time].CurrentMember, you now need to write
[Time].[Time].CurrentMember. This is a bit of a pain, but you can see why it
is necessary if a dimension contains half a dozen hierarchies, and it is
fully consistent with SSAS2005. I know the transition to
SsasCompatibleNaming=true as default will be a pain. I intend to do that in
Once again, thanks for agreeing to do this. This feature will allow us to
create lots of hierarchies in the same dimension, and the
'attribute-oriented hierarchy' style should improve usability significantly.
We don't need this urgently, but if you can do it in the next week, that
would be good.
Olap4j & PAT developers,
This is an important new feature in Mondrian that you should be aware of.


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  I can probably tinker with it early next week.  Gimme the details (what to
download, semantics, etc) and I'll try it out on a schema I'm building up.


On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com> wrote:

> At Thursday, July 23, 2009 6:57 PM Julian Hyde wrote:
> I'm on the point of checking in this fix.
> However, I need someone to verify that Jpivot works against
> this change, and fix it if necessary. Can someone volunteer
> to do that? (You only need to check with
> mondrian.olap.SsasCompatibleNaming=false.)

This change has been in the can, ready to check in, for over a week.
However, I don't have time to test & fix jpivot, and I cannot make a change
to mondrian if it is going to break jpivot. Can someone please take that on?


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