[Mondrian] How to get all the measures definition in a mondrianschema file

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You want the members of the [Measures] dimension.  The [Measures] dimension
has one hierarchy, also called [Measures], and one level. All measures
(including calculated measures) belong to that level. 
SchemaReader schemaReader;
Cube cube = find(schemaReader.getCubes(), "Sales");
Dimension measuresDimension = schemaReader.getCubeDimensions(cube),
Level measuresLevel = measuresDimension.getHierarchies()[0].getLevels()[0];
boolean includeCalc = true;
Member[] measures = measuresLevel.getLevelMembers(measuresLevel,
Cube find(Cube[] cubes, String name) {
Dimension find(Dimension[], String name) {
Please use the olap4j API if possible. olap4j is the official way to
interface with mondrian these days, and things are a lot simpler. 
OlapConnection connection;
NamedList<Measures> measures =
olap4j is applying access-control automatically, just like SchemaReader.


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Hi all,
        I can get all the schema by getSchemaReader(), and then use the cube
object to get all the Dimensions definition,
measure is a special dimension, so it should be got too. but how can i get a
special measure's name
for example, in foodmart there is a "Unit Sales" measure:

 <Measure name="Unit Sales" column="unit_sales" aggregator="sum"

 the dimension.getUniqueName() method just return "[Measures]"


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