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Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon Apr 20 14:50:27 EDT 2009

A reminder of the standard formatting for Mondrian code. To keep code
consistent and concise, you must follow the standard when contributing to
I just applied the standard formatting to all Mondrian test code (see
I also removed hundreds of calls to the TestContext.fold() function. It is
now not needed in 99% of tests. Just call one of Mondrian's standard test
methods, such as assertQueryReturns(), assertAxisReturns() or
assertEqualsVerbose(), and Mondrian will take care of the line endings.
Here is an example:
    public void testFoo() {
        String s = bar("a few", "short", "arguments");
            "a string that\n"
            + "stretches over more than one line");
The example illustrates some guidelines:

*	Indent 4, no tabs
*	Max line length 80 (except if it would mean breaking long strings)
*	You can put arguments on one line if the line is shorter than 80
*	If the line is longer than 80, break the arguments and put the first
argument on the line below the function call, indented 4
*	Break long strings by putting '+' at the front of the line, directly
below the start of the string
*	If strings contain line breaks ("\n"), split the string at the line
break even if they are short enough to fit on one line
*	Generally you should avoid using "\n" in strings. It maps to the
linefeed character, which is the correct line ending for Unix/Linux but not
for windows. Use PrintWriter.println() or Util.nl.

*	BUT: you should use linefeeds ("\n") when providing reference
strings to Mondrian's own test methods, such as assertEqualsVerbose,
assertQueryReturns, and so forth. The methods automatically convert
linefeeds to the platform-specific line ending (linefeed on Unix/Linux,
linefeed+carriage return on Windows).

*	More at
*	When in doubt, look how other code is formatted.

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