[Mondrian] Problem Assigning Roles from Pentaho Analisys View

Nicolas Zulawski nicolas.zulawski at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 21:29:30 EDT 2009

I am using Pentaho for a datawarehouse implementation and I need to
asign differents levels of access
to different roles, so when some roles log into the pentaho system
only sees information of some levels of organization hierarchy.
I am using Pentaho Analisys Views generated from user interfase. I
read the documentation of Mondrian
and It says I must specify the Role keyword in the connect string, but
I can't find the conection string inside pentaho files to send the
role from Analisys View to mondrian so it filters the infomation
displayed. I Surfed the web for a solution without much success. If
you could help me or give me some referece to look for I will
apreciate it a lot,
Nicolás Zulawski

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