[Mondrian] Jira has landed

Julian Hyde julian at hydromatic.net
Fri Apr 10 14:40:35 EDT 2009

All of the mondrian bugs and feature requests are now migrated to Pentaho's
jira system. The jira system is fairly self-explanatory, but the following
points are important. Please read them!
1. If you are a committer to the project, you will be able to access the
SourceForge bugs and feature requests after you log in. But please don't!
All changes to SourceForge are being ignored.
2. Gretchen created a web page showing the mapping between old and new bug
systems:  <http://mondrian.pentaho.org/sf2jira-mapping.html>
http://mondrian.pentaho.org/sf2jira-mapping.html . (This mapping is not so
necessary, because I have changed as many references to the old system as I
could find in the code, doc and forums.) There is also a wiki page
describing the transition process and the mapping between fields:
3. If you are a committer and have had bugs assigned to you, a user on
Pentaho's jira system will have been created, with the same name & email
address as your sourceforge user. Please login to that user and change your
password (and email address if you wish).
4. Jira has many advantages over the sourceforge bug system, but an
important one is the ability to VOTE FOR BUGS AND FEATURES you want fixed.
Use your vote wisely!
5. If you fix a bug, don't mark it closed! Use the more detailed work flow.
Press 'assign to me' (if it is not already assigned), 'start progress' when
you start work on the bug, then 'fix' when have checked in a fix. As before,
include the perforce change number in the fix comment. We will mark the
'closed' when we have done the QA process.
Thanks to Gretchen for making the migration happen. Mail this list if you
have any questions.
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