[Mondrian] Workbench update vs 3.1 release - also Agg Designer and 3.1

Sherman Wood swood at jaspersoft.com
Fri Apr 3 17:04:23 EDT 2009

I have updates to the Workbench, some of which originally came from Cincom


1.      Editing for the following elements

1.      Formula element in Named Set 

2.      Formula element in Calculated Member

3.      SQL element on Views

2.      JDBC column metadata is loaded in a lazy fashion to deal with
databases with large numbers of tables and columns, or databases such as
PostgreSQL that have slow metadata operations

3.      Column types are visible when selecting columns in the Schema
Explorer and in the JDBC Explorer

4.      CDATA elements are viewed and edited in a more visible fashion

5.      Special characters in cdata content are no longer converted to
their encoded values

6.      Better state management for Relations - Tables, Joins, Views

1.      Relations don't default to Table

2.      Can't add a Level or a Measure before defining a Relation


All changes are in the workbench area.


Given this is a significant change and we are headed for a 3.1 release, is
this fine to check in now?



Is there going to be an Aggregate Designer release to go with 3.1? The Agg
Designer does not work with the Infobright dialect in Foodmart for 3.1,
and I don't know what other changes may have an effect.


Sherman Wood



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