[Mondrian] AggGen - could not get column name

m h sesquile at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 17:58:50 EDT 2008

Am trying to run AggGen, which is complaining that it can't find a
column name for my MeasureExpression.  Here's the error:

 343222 [main] WARN  mondrian.rolap.aggmatcher.AggGen  - Init: For
fact table "week_sales_fact", could not get column name for
RolapStar.Column: Allowances (21): sum(week_sales_fact.units *
(coalesce(week_sales_fact.dealamt, 0) +
coalesce(week_sales_fact.purbillback, 0) +

Here's the relevant schema:

    <Measure name="Allowances" aggregator="sum" formatString="$#,###">
	<SQL dialect="postgres">
	week_sales_fact.units * (coalesce(week_sales_fact.dealamt, 0) +
coalesce(week_sales_fact.purbillback, 0) +

Now if I add a @column attribute to Measure, I get the following error instead:

? ? ? Mondrian Error:Cube 'Sales_Cube': Measure 'Allowances' must
contain either a source column or a source expression, but not both

The only other reference I can find through search-fu is a people who
removed the column from the aggregation.  Is that the correct way?  No
one ever responded to him....



(Note, am now running everything through eclipse....  Don't feel
comfortable changing code, cause I'm not sure what I'm currently
supposed to be able to do, and what I'm not supposed to be able to

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