[Mondrian] Feature request for olap4j DrillThrough API

Brian Vandenberg phantall at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 13:02:11 EDT 2008

  I wrote up a feature request in the OLAP4j tracker:


  As a followup question to this, I want to know if Mondrian would need
modifications to support the changes I've requested to OLAP4j

  The purpose of the feature request is to improve performance when drilling
to facts where the response will contain many columns, and potentially many
rows.  By limiting the columns requested, and using cursors (cursors I can
see being a problem to implement, so if that couldn't/didn't go in I could
see why), someone can use facilities in JPivot (or some other application)
to 'drill across', as Julian put it, to another application that does not
use Mondrian, or for other purposes entirely.

  If any of you are interested in seeing this functionality go in, please
weigh in on the artifact request or by responding to this email.

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