[Mondrian] Debugging schemas

m h sesquile at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 19:32:51 EDT 2008


I'm just thinking of the children (and hoping this get's indexed for
future users).  So, I'm at the point where I have something of a
schema.  It loads into the Workbench and validates (note, I'm weary
about editing from the workbench, since it appeared to eat some of my
xml).  So I try a simple MDX query and get back no results!  What to

Turns out there is logging support.  But for some reason java is not
liking the DOS formatted version of ~/.schemaWorkbench/log4j.xml
Since I'm running on Ubuntu, I ran dos2unix to fix that problem.
(Also needed to edit the workbench.sh file because java wasn't liking
the "~", so I put the full path to the log4j.xml file.

Now, to actually get the sql query that Mondrian is issuing, change
category at name=mondrian/priority at value from INFO to DEBUG in the
log4j.xml file (pardon if my xpath isn't completely correct ;))

After doing the above, the log file in
~/.schemaWorkbench/workbench.log should spit out your query AFTER
(wish it was before) it is run.

Good luck children! ;)



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