[Mondrian] proposal for Order function with key specification list

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Sat Sep 6 22:10:57 EDT 2008

> Currently native NonEmptyCrossJoin and Filter (and maybe 
> others) are out 
> of conformance, and native is enabled by default, but 
> conformance can be 
> achieved by disabling native.

I can allow that in the short term. However I would like mondrian to be in
conformance even in native mode. (I see native mode as an option that
affects physical behavior, and hence performance, not logical behavior.) To
use the efficient NonEmptyCrossJoin and Filter, either applications will
have to put in Unorder, or the compiler will have to get smarter to
recognize when an enclosing Order means that the underlying function is free
to return the results in whatever order it wants.

I've just checked in an Unorder function. It does nothing right now, but
people can use it for optimization.


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