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Shaffner Joshua joshua.shaffner at goodwill.org
Thu Oct 2 12:03:28 EDT 2008

In db, I have 1 thru 12 for months. Using jpivot w/o CurrentDateMember with
drilldown to month level would generate something like this: [Time].[All

Per VB reference, http://www.apostate.com/vb-format-syntax, where it shows
MMM to display the month as abbrev (Jan ­ Dec), I tried MMM and got no
results. Using mmm however got me the results. It was an accident that I
typed in mmm and got the results. LoL.

Does it mean that the Mondarian is expecting mmm, not MMM?

As for using dimension names, I did try the following but it did not work
unless I remove dimension name.

No results pulled:
{(CurrentDateMember([Time], "['Time']\.[yyyy]\.[mmm]").Lag(13.0) :
CurrentDateMember([Time], "['Time']\.[yyyy]\.[mmm]").Lag(1.0))} ON ROWS

Results pulled:
{(CurrentDateMember([Time], "[yyyy]\.[mmm]").Lag(13.0) :
CurrentDateMember([Time], "[yyyy]\.[mmm]").Lag(1.0))} ON ROWS

PS: Am using biserver_ce 2.0.x

On 10/1/08 7:53 PM, "Julian Hyde" <jhyde at pentaho.com> wrote:

> I think the example had extra '\'s because it was taken from Java code (inside
> java strings, " and \ need to be escaped). That's why it worked for you to
> change '\\.' to '\.'.
> If you had changed '\"Time\"' to '"Time"' it would probably have worked too.
> It worked without Time because dimension names are optional - although I
> recommend using dimension names, because it makes your code clearer and
> reduces the amount of searching mondrian has to do.
> I also see that you changed MMM to mmm. I'm guessing that in your dimension
> months look like 'jan' rather than 'JAN'.
> Thanks for letting us know what works.
> Julian
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>> Finally got this working..
>> Interesting that it  works without [\²Time\²]?
>> CurrentDateMember([Time],  '[yyyy]\.[mmm]').Lag(12) :
>> CurrentDateMember([Time],  '[yyyy]\.[mmm]')
>> On 10/1/08 6:16 PM, "Joshua Shaffner" <joshua.shaffner at goodwill.org>  wrote:
>>> Per a couple suggestions in IRC as well as Julian¹s  blog (
>>> http://julianhyde.blogspot.com/2006/10/mondrian-22-cube-designer-and.html),
>>> I tried the query below but to no luck. I either get no results or internal
>>> error. If you see something, let me know. I am stumped...after trying this
>>> and that for a couple hours over just a couple of lines.
>>> SELECT NON  EMPTY {[Measures].[Retail Store Sales], <truncated>} ON
>>> {
>>> CurrentDateMember([Time],  '[\"Time\"]\\.[yyyy]\\.[MMM]').Lag(12) :
>>> CurrentDateMember([Time],  '[\"Time\"]\\.[yyyy]\\.[MMM]')
>>> }
>>> from [MRSDS]
>>> where  [Organization].[All Organizations].[<truncated>]
>>> PS: I have  Time Hierarchy with two levels, year and month.
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