[Mondrian] Comments support in eigenbase

Arora, Somita sarora at cincom.com
Thu Nov 20 01:09:37 EST 2008

Hi Julian,

I am working on Schema Workbench and would like to preserve all comments
in Mondrian schema files that are loaded in it. These comments are
ignored by MondrianGuiDef.java.

This MondrianGuiDef.java is generated by eigenbase utility xomgen (when
we build Mondrian jar), where the input file is

Could you please clarify if eigenbase supports comments? If so, how?
What changes should we make to the xml schema definition in
Mondrian_SW.xml so that xomgen generates MondrianGuiDef.java taking care
of comments.

I tried putting contentModel Attribute in Schema Element as

   <Element type="Schema">
	<Attribute name="contentModel" default="mixed"/>

But this does not generate the appropriate MondrianGuiDef.java nor the
Mondrian_SW.dtd. The schema definition in Mondrian_SW.dtd should have
#PCDATA automatically inserted in its list of sub-elements as in 

	<!ELEMENT Schema (#PCDATA,(Parameter)*,(Dimension)* ...

Please let me know if it is possible to handle comments.

Thanks & Regards,
Somita Arora

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