[Mondrian] RE: Cron <jhyde at marmalade> nice bash --login /home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon May 5 16:03:16 EDT 2008

> Zelaine wrote:
> Which database does the failures below occur in?  I just ran the test 
> against Derby and MySQL with the properties you specified, 
> and the tests 
> pass for me.

Those tests need to be run against Oracle, because they need GROUPING SETS

> Note that even *before* I checked in my changes, I noticed 
> that a number 
> of these tests that depend on the test generating a specific SQL 
> statement pattern were failing for me for both Derby and 
> MySQL when run 
> against JDK 1.6.  Because of the order of data returned by the db and 
> the order in which data is stored in Java hash sets, those tests 
> appeared to be unreliable.  The order of elements in the WHERE clause 
> ended up being shuffled around, and therefore different from the 
> expected SQL.  I'm not sure if that's also the reason why these tests 
> are failing under certain configurations.

That doesn't surprise me. We have a large configuration matrix, and I've let
certain tests get broken in the past few months. If you are still seeing
failures in configurations you care about, please send them to the list and
we'll have someone address them.


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