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Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Fri Mar 28 12:12:53 EDT 2008


Good to hear from you. We don't make people committers until they've made a
few successful contributions via email. Send me the contributions via email
and I'll review and submit them.

First up, join the mondrian developers list mondrian at pentaho.org and the
olap4j forum. Read the developer's guide
http://mondrian.pentaho.org/documentation/developers_guide.php to get
started. It's best if you work off of the perforce source code rather than
the latest release code, then there will be less work for us to merge your
code in. 

If you're short of things to work on, scan the bugs against mondrian and
olap4j and look for items in the 'easyfix' group. The mondrian and XMLA
drivers for olap4j both need lots of testing & refinement at this point. One
open issue is to get the mondrian olap4j driver working with Apache
connection pools. And the XMLA driver needs to be tested against several
XMLA servers.

If you're going to undertake something large, let the other developers know
what you intend first. But all in all, it's best to start with something


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> Hi,
> I would like to join the projects mondrian und olap4j as developer.
> In our company we are setting up an open-source management 
> tool that uses 
> mondrian. As the software is rather cool I would like to 
> contribute some work.
> Kind regards,
> Klaus
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