[Mondrian] Mondrian 3.0 is production

Richard Emberson remberson at edgedynamics.com
Thu Mar 27 09:11:54 EDT 2008

Julian Hyde wrote:
>> Compiling JPivot head against Mondrian 3.0.1 produced errors.
> Will is taking a look at this.
>> The Util.explode() method is now replaced by the
>> Util.parseIdentifier() method (I believe) which returns a
>> List<Id.Segment> so one either has to compile JPivot with
>> java 1.5 or use the Mondrian retroweaver jar.
> It's a common misconception that types with generics are not backwards
> compatible. During compilation the generics are erased, so as far as jpivot
> is concerned that Util.parseIdentifier() just returns a List.

I replaced:
     String[] uniqueNameParts = Util.explode(uniqueName);
     List<Id.Segment> uniqueNameParts = Util.parseIdentifier(uniqueName);

in the JPivot MondrianModel.java code rather than just having
it return a 1.4 List - therefore java 1.5.

> But yes, if you compile jpivot under jdk 1.4 you will need to use the
> mondrian retroweaver jar, simply because the regular mondrian jar has
> classes in jdk 1.5 format.
> Julian
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