[Mondrian] Need Help on Mondrian

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You may be right. Most people do indeed search every avenue (including
google, the forums, mailing list archives, and the web site) before posting
a question, but there are some that ask incredibly open questions before
doing any searching. I've spent many, many hours writing documentation, so
you can understand how I might be frustrated when someone has not made any
effort to find it.
Conventional open source etiquette is that if you have a question, and you
have searched the available resources, you should mention the places that
you have already looked. Shilpa didn't do that, and I think that if she had
googled something obvious like 'mondrian getting started' she would have
found the answer to her question.
Mondrian documentation is far from perfect. I acknowledge that mondrian is a
difficult component to install, although most people find that when it is
set up, it solves their problems elegantly and reliably. I would love to
improve the quality of the product and the documentation, and welcome any
advice & assistance how to do that.


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I think he is looking for the manual to read.  This was an area I had a
tough time in too (a full beginning to end on how to get setup and started
doing analysis).


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Shilpa, What do you expect me to say? RTM.



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            I need to use mondrian for my project, i need to generate
reports from 30,00,000 records.


            really i do not know where start and how to start..........


            please any one help me to the URl which contains steps to use
mondrian.... and some example





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