[Mondrian] XMLA drillthrough XSD

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Mon Mar 10 18:58:59 EDT 2008

You've changed all of the indentation of XmlaHandler.java. Tabs everywhere.
Too many difs for me to merge. Please resend.


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Hi Mondrian People.

I think there is an error in the Mondrian XMLA response to a drillthrough
query. The included XML schema describes a multidimensional response, not
the tabular drillthrough response. (We are working with ADOMD.NET and this
causes an exception). I have reported it in  surceforge as bug 1911446

In the atached file, I send a test case and patch with minor changes in
XmlaHandler.TabularRowset class and XmlaHandler.execute method. I hope it
could be useful.

(again sorry for my poor, poor english)

Thanks in advance


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