[Mondrian] Access to cube in Mondrian 3.0.3

miguel mvillagomez at sayab.com.mx
Thu Jul 31 20:07:35 EDT 2008

The problem is solved by changing the scale to add the item

 <Dimension name="Arbol" caption="%{Presupuesto.dimension.1}">
  <Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="Supervisor" primaryKey="ruta">
   <Table name="arbol"/>
   <Level name="Vendedor" column="vendedores" type="String"
hideMemberIf="IfBlankName" uniqueMembers="true"/>

But one thing should check to find the real reason of not admitted that
the scale as it was? 

Well, I have other cubes under the same exquema and these seem to work

Thanks for the help.

El jue, 31-07-2008 a las 12:12 -0700, Julian Hyde escribió:
> > When I try to access the cube pulls me errors in these two 
> > permits which
> > reads:
> > 
> > Mondrian Error:Member '[Arbol].[SUPERVISOR].[D0001]' not found
> > Mondrian Error:Member '[Arbol].[SUPERVISOR].[V0001].[V0001]' not found
> Try using the full unique name of the member in the query. If there is an
> all level, this will be something like [Arbol].[All
> Arbols].[SUPERVISOR].[D0001].
> Julian
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