[Mondrian] Names vs. Unique Names

Matt Campbell mkambol at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 15:14:36 EST 2008

Despite 6 years of MDX experience, I only recently discovered that you could
refer to a dimension member without specifying the dimension it is a part
of.  For example, [M] can be used as a shortcut for [Gender].[All
Gender].[M].  This works in both Analysis Services and Mondrian.

I don't like this feature for a couple reasons:

1)  [M] could also mean [Marital Status].[All Marital Status].[M].  There's
no obvious way of knowing which member you'll get.
2)  More importantly for us, to figure out which dimension has a member with
that name Mondrian needs to query each and every dimension table in that
cube looking for a match.  Since we have 700+ dimensions that essentially
means that the server is brought to a standstill searching for a member that
may or may not exist.

I'd like to add a property (false by default) that will require dimension
name to be included in an identifier.  The code change looks trivial.  What
do people think?
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