[Mondrian] Release 3.0 ETA

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Fri Jan 11 17:41:55 EST 2008

> Richard Emberson wrote:
> Is there an ETA for Release 3.0?
> Thanks.

Mondrian 3.0 has slipped a little from the original target date of Q4 2007.
This is partly because we will be synchronizing with Pentaho suite 1.7,
partly because of olap4j dependencies, and partly because we are planning on
fixing a large number of bugs.

We are targeting end of January for release candidate 1, with low risk
because we are nearly feature-complete (see roadmap for feature list).

Final release probably end of February. Higher uncertainty on that date
because of dependencies on Pentaho suite and the large number of bugs fixed.

To help us get the release out on time and to high quality, we need people
to test the new features and log bugs. This is especially true of the olap4j
driver, which is a lot of brand-new code. The olap4j driver and a jar file
containing the olap4j API are now checked into perforce, so you can test
olap4j support without any other downloads.


You have some bugs assigned to you. Please help us get the release out by
fixing those bugs.

Sherman, Chuck, Somita,

There are a few new features which need to be supported by the workbench. It
would be great if you could add that support before 3.0.


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