[Mondrian] mondrian driver for olap4j has moved

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Thu Jan 10 02:35:37 EST 2008

The mondrian source code now contains an olap4j driver. This was originally
developed as part of the olap4j code base, which made sense while olap4j was
changing rapidly. Now olap4j is more stable we've moved it into mondrian's
perforce server, and deleted the corresponding code from the olap4j
subversion server.

*	http://perforce.eigenbase.org:8080/@md=d

*	http://perforce.eigenbase.org:8080/@md=d

*	http://olap4j.svn.sourceforge.net/olap4j/?rev=59
<http://olap4j.svn.sourceforge.net/olap4j/?rev=59&view=rev> &view=rev 

Now if you're writing applications against mondrian, you'll be able to
choose whether you connect via mondrian's olap4j driver or by mondrian's
traditional driver. If you choose olap4j, you'll need to include olap4j.jar
on your classpath in addition to mondrian.jar.
>From mondrian-3.0 onwards olap4j will be the primary supported API for
connecting to mondrian.
The other driver, the olap4j driver for XMLA, is still in the olap4j code
base. We might spin it off as a separate project if it becomes actively
developed, but that's probably some way off.

PS This message is also posted to the olap4j forums. Discuss here:
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