[Mondrian] GWT based front end for Mondrian

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Wed Jan 9 18:15:13 EST 2008

> The second problem is that it builds against patched Mondrian 2.2 
> (included). The code to compile against fresh Mondrian should 
> be there 
> commented out, but it has many regressions with our 
> production schemas, 
> and we didn't have time to fix all of them yet.

When the time comes to upgrade to mondrian-2.4, I suggest that you go a step
further and move straight to the olap4j API. You'll be future proof (because
olap4j will be mondrian's primary API from mondrian-3.0 onwards), and you'll
get XMLA support for free (because olap4j has an XMLA driver). olap4j can be
downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/olap4j.


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