[Mondrian] RE: just added a test page to test role set

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Thu Jan 3 22:15:05 EST 2008

> Andrea C. wrote:
> Hi Julian, sorry for such a delay for a contribution so 
> little. (payed work and vacations comes first)
> I actually didn't investigate if i should submit this 
> attacched changes direct from web,
> so i initially submit to you the changes.
> I didn't try it with non-embedded demo, that means i don't 
> know if for non-embedded there are other examples different 
> from FoodMart.xml case.
> If example is the same, i didn't see any reason for this 
> attached to work. (it is a zip with folder structure kept 
> inside, relative to the web application installed on tomcat).

Checked in as change 10390. Thanks for the contribution. 


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