[Mondrian] Calculation Captions in Virtual Cubes

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Tue Feb 5 19:36:00 EST 2008

If the RolapResult object has stripped away the RolapVirtualCubeMeasure
objects, and what appear in the axes are the raw Measure objects, then I
guess that would be consistent with what you're seeing. There may be a good
reason for it - but I agree with you that it would seem better to return the
RolapVirtualCubeMeasure object, since it has more appropriate metadata.
Mondrian's metamodel is very similar to ADO, so yes, you can definitely get
caption, level unique name, etc. for each position on an axis. All of these
properties can be gotten from the member in a fairly direct way. (And in
fact our XMLA handler does just that when answering an XMLA query request.)
I don't know what JPivot calls to get the caption of a member on an axis,
but it's usually fairly straightforward. I would be surprised if it doesn't
just to member.getCaption(). And it's definitely something that you could
emulate in a test, so jpivot should give the right answer if and only if the
test gives the right answer.
Hope this answers your question - or at least gives you a clue where to look


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Thanks Julian
I totally agree that no code is too simple to test.
The advice you offer is something that I'd tried first time round on this -
unfortunately, from my understanding of things, this does in fact return the
caption for the Measure represented by the position on the axis; not the
RolapVirtualCubeMeasure at the position on the axis - thus getting the
caption for this does the right thing in terms of getting the caption as
specified in the schema XML through MemberBase rather than through
RolapVirtualCubeMeasure. This is because we actually get hold of the
physical member which isn't a RolapVirtualCubeMeasure.
I'm coming at this with a background using Microsoft technologies having
previously been responsible for the OLAP access in Crystal Reports (for my
sins!) so have been used to dealing with Axis Rowsets that return member
Unique Names, Captions, Level Unique Names, Level number and Display info
for each member in the result. In order to prove my change, what I guess I'm
after is getting this same information against Mondrian - is this possible?
I presume it must be as I believe this is what JPivot (our rendering
control) gets the "wrong" caption without my change, but gets the right one
with it.


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Sorry for the delay in replying. I am busy, as ever.
Your proposed getCaption() method makes sense. It almost seems to simple to
test, but then again, no code is too simple to break, so let's test it.
To test it, add a method to SchemaTest. The test will probably need to
create its own variant of the foodmart schema; follow the example of a test
in that class that tests a similar thing. Then execute a query on that
virtual cube that returns the measure on the columns axis, navigate to the
member using something like
result.getAxes().get(0).axis.getPositions().get(0).getMembers().get(0) and
call its getCaption method to make sure that the caption is as you want.


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In the absence of any responses to my request for help, I am still no
further forward.
I have seen that the final has been removed from MemberBase::getCaption by
wgorman's check-in on 16 Nov.
I would still like to add the following to RolapVirtualCubeMeasure.java but
am void of any ideas on how I can really test this in a unit test fashion.
public String getCaption() {
    return cubeMeasure.getCaption();
The reason I would like to do this is that without passing this request on
to the cubeMeasure, the default caption is returned for the member - not the
caption as specified in the original cube's schema XML.


Any thoughts on a means to test this would be appreciated - or if someone
wants to check it and submit it for me then I would be grateful.

If I'm missing the point of this list then please tell me to shut up!





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Subject: [Mondrian] Calculation Captions in Virtual Cubes

The problem is where a calculation in a cube has a caption define in the
schema XML. When using this calculation in a virtual cube, the specified
caption is not returned but the default caption is returned.
(see thread http://forums.pentaho.org/showthread.php?t=53867
.org/showthread.php?t=53867> )
I've got a solution that works in our scenario, but I'm struggling to create
a unit test to highlight the problem - I want to create unit tests so that I
am able to submit the change back into the community. The example tests I've
seen all end up getting the measure through the schema objects rather than
getting the caption from the axis result sets.
Are there any examples you guys can point me to that get the captions back
for the axes that I could use to validate this fix?
The main contention in the fix would be the removal of the "final" from
MemberBase::getCaption so that it can be overridden in
RolapVirtualCubeMeasure - do you see this being a big problem?

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