[Mondrian] Re: planned downtime for perforce.eigenbase.org

John V. Sichi jsichi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 20:43:19 EST 2008

The server is back up.

It was necessary to reconfigure sendmail due to the network changes, so 
please let me know if there are problems again with any review email 
getting bounced as spam.


John V. Sichi wrote:
> This has been scheduled for 4PM PST today (1.5 hours from now).
> John V. Sichi wrote:
>> The server will be down for a network move Wed Dec 16 in the evening 
>> (PST), probably for a few hours.  I don't know the exact time yet, 
>> probably around 6pm.  I'll send out announcements immediately before 
>> and after the downtime.  There will be no change to the external IP 
>> address.
>> JVS

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