[Mondrian] re: roles and multiple hierarchies.. androllupPolicy="partial"

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Fri Dec 12 19:27:17 EST 2008

Could it be this issue: http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/BISERVER-2491 ?


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Using jpivot, we have some strange behavior with roles...
Without Role restrictions, each dimension with multiple hierarchies displays
all the members of each hierarchy as expected... and one can select from any
hierarchy (with a single hierarchy of course). Now.. if I apply a Role,
interesting things happen. 
using rollupPolicy="partial", categories with partial visibility (other than
the default hierarchy) are not appearing. If I remove the rollupPolicy
statement, they appear. From what I can see.. JPivot is not getting the data
to display the hierarchy.. so I'm assuming somehow that mondiran is
removing/altering something in the Heirarchies returned with the query
Results.... Any ideas? Julian?

Second interesting effect. If we do not specify rollupPolicy on any of the
hierarchy restrictions .. it/they appear (all are shown) and all works fine
(with roles). If however, ANY hierarchies of a dimension have a
rollupPolicy="partial" defined, thenafter selecting the other hierarchy and
executing a query.. the other hierarchy returned is empty.... but can be
accessed by writing it into the MDX query... so...

So.. it seems that something is off with the rollupPolicy. Is this a
known/experienced BUG? or a "feature" .. or.... I'll look at the source..
but have no idea whether I'll get anywhere (the partial rollup policy would
be very useful if it worked....)  I tried debugging into the guts of
mondrian... but I can't see where the hierarchy members are disappearing (I
assume it has something to do with the substutionMemberReader... maybe? :))


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