[Mondrian] Mixing aggregate functions on different levels of the same dimension

Dejan.Gambin at coin.hr Dejan.Gambin at coin.hr
Tue Dec 2 04:00:15 EST 2008


I have a question, I hopse someone can help.

I have "financial statement" cube with hierarchical financial positions 
and firms on rows and time period on columns. The only measure is a value 
for each financial position, each firm and each time period.

My quartal data is cumulative so the correct value for a year is the value 
from the last quartal for which the data exists in fact table (I have 
future periods in time dimension). I have managed to get the the correct 
value for a year (the "closing balance") but the problem is I don't need 
it for each level, only for a year level. The other levels should sum the 
values of their children. 

So for example the value for all years (for which data exists in fact 
table) should be sum of year values, but the value for a year should be a 
value from the last quartal.

How can I do this in mondrian schema or just in MDX?

thanks very much

regards, dejan
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