[Mondrian] Re: Coding style violations

Rushan Chen rchen at lucidera.com
Wed Aug 27 19:36:46 EDT 2008

The formatting issues were fixed in 11504.

Next step I will look at if the same trigger can be set for the MLO branch.


Julian Hyde wrote:
> Rushan,
> Your recent change 11499 has a bunch of coding style violations as
> detected by the //open/util/bin/checkFile utility. Normally a perforce
> trigger would detect these violations, but we deliberately do not
> prevent check-ins during integration -- it would make integrations
> unfeasibly difficult. Can please you fix the files now?
> Run
> find mondrian -type f | xargs util/bin/checkFile
> and you will see the list. If you use emacs, you may find it convenient
> to paste the output into emacs *Compilation* buffer.
> Other than these exceptions, all code on the //open/mondrian branch is
> clean. I recommend that you integrate the formatting fixes to your
> branch asap, to prevent future merging difficulties. In future, please
> run checkFile on your branch BEFORE integrating so that the main line
> stays clean.
> Julian

Rushan Chen


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