[Mondrian] question about this error

hadi surya kurniawan narou71185 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 22:55:41 EDT 2008

Hi Julian,
I have this error from tomcat while connecting mondrian to hsqldb:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: An
error occurred while evaluating custom action attribute "test" with
value "${query01.result.overflowOccured}": An error occurred while
getting property "result" from an instance of class
mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal error: Error
while executing query [select {[Measures].AllMembers} ON COLUMNS,
{[Store].[All Stores].[USA]} ON ROWS from [Sales97] ])

but the when i change the MDX into this

{[Measures].AllMembers} on columns
from Sales97

it works fine...
this is the schema:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Schema name="MySchema">

<!-- Shared dimensions -->
<Dimension name="Store">
<Hierarchy hasAll="true" primaryKey="store_id">
<Table name="store"/>
<Level name="Store Country" column="store_country" uniqueMembers="true"/>
<Level name="Store State" column="store_state" uniqueMembers="true"/>
<Level name="Store City" column="store_city" uniqueMembers="false"/>
<Level name="Store Name" column="store_name" uniqueMembers="true">
<Property name="Store Type" column="store_type"/>
<Property name="Store Manager" column="store_manager"/>
<Property name="Store Sqft" column="store_sqft" type="Numeric"/>
<Property name="Grocery Sqft" column="grocery_sqft" type="Numeric"/>
<Property name="Frozen Sqft" column="frozen_sqft" type="Numeric"/>
<Property name="Meat Sqft" column="meat_sqft" type="Numeric"/>
<Property name="Has coffee bar" column="coffee_bar" type="Boolean"/>
<Property name="Street address" column="store_street_address" type="String"/>

<!-- Sales 1997 -->
<Cube name="Sales97" defaultMeasure="Unit Sales">
<Table name="sales_fact_1997"/>
<DimensionUsage name="Store" source="Store" foreignKey="store_id"/>

<Measure name="Unit Sales 97" column="unit_sales" aggregator="sum"
formatString="Standard" caption="Unit Sales"/>
<Measure name="Store Cost 97" column="store_cost" aggregator="sum"
formatString="#,###.00" caption="Store Cost"/>
<Measure name="Store Sales 97" column="store_sales" aggregator="sum"
formatString="#,###.00" caption="Store Sales"/>
<Measure name="Customer Count 97" column="customer_id"
aggregator="distinct-count" formatString="#,###" caption="Customer

<CalculatedMember name="Profit 97" dimension="Measures" caption="Profit">
<Formula>[Measures].[Store Sales 97]-[Measures].[Store Cost 97]</Formula>
<CalculatedMemberProperty name="FORMAT_STRING" value="$#,###.00"/>
<CalculatedMember name="ROI 97" dimension="Measures" caption="ROI">
<Formula>([Measures].[Store Sales 97]-[Measures].[Store Cost
97])/[Measures].[Store Cost 97]</Formula>
<CalculatedMemberProperty name="FORMAT_STRING" value="#,###.00%"/>


my question is, is it because my computer too noob (don't have much memory)
or i have to do tuning for the hsqldb like change a field type from
integer to short int, etc
or tuning the Mondrian
or something else???
because with sql server as the database, this error doesn't occur...
my computer has 765MB RAM and with 1,7GHz processor.
all the table in the hsqldb is cached.


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