[Mondrian] Bug in SqlMemberSource.getMemberChildren ?

Pedro Alves pedro at neraka.no-ip.org
Fri Aug 15 23:45:50 EDT 2008

Hello everyone.

I found a very strange behaviour in SqlMemberSource.getMemberChildren.
Using the following query:

select NON EMPTY {Order(Filter(TopCount([Channels].[All].Children,
24,[Measures].[Total Requests]), [Channels].CurrentMember NOT IN {
[Channels].[All].[beta], [Channels].[All].[default],
[Channels].[All].[nightly], [Channels].[All].[release] })
,[Measures].[Total Requests],DESC )}  ON COLUMNS, {[Date].[All]} ON ROWS
from [AUS Analysis]

I see mondrian generating a log of this queries:

2008-08-16 04:36:13,427 DEBUG [mondrian.rolap.RolapUtil]
SqlMemberSource.getMemberChildren: executing sql [select 
 "aus_requests_by_day"."product_channel" as "c0"
 "aus_requests_by_day" as "aus_requests_by_day"
 "aus_requests_by_day"."product_channel" = 'nightly'
group by 
order by 
 "aus_requests_by_day"."product_channel" ASC
], exec 1163 ms

This is a *very* big database, and it's obvious the result will be
'nightly'. What's the purpose of this? Channels is a one level dimension.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks


Pedro Alves

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