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There is a Word and PDF checked into Perforce that pulls the Mondrian web
site content together into a single document. It was current with v 2.4.2.


Books on Microsoft Analysis Services and MDX present a lot of concepts
relevant to Mondrian.





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If you're looking for a practical guide to getting going with Mondrian
(beyond what's in the manuals) I'd say the 3 day Pentaho class is the way
to go. I don't think Pentaho sells the books separately, so that means
going to the class but it's the best way to get going fast with Mondrian.




Maybe others know of another resource?




On Aug 14, 2008, at 12:57 PM, kal stevens wrote:

What is the best book that is available for Mondrian?

if there is no good book is there a good PDF that gives a comprehensive



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