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Wed Aug 6 10:45:43 EDT 2008

This is very interesting and important, when it comes to large data sets.  I
failed to establish a partial cleaning of Cache , now I am using full cache
cleaqning inorder to get results always properly. Any suggestion ?

On 8/6/08, michael.pflug at thomsonreuters.com <
michael.pflug at thomsonreuters.com> wrote:
> Hi All -
> I plan to utilize the dimension member caching feature implemented
> with check in 10788 but I have a few questions I'm hoping the community
> can help me out with before I get too far:
> 1)  The feature is dependant on having the property
> mondrian.rolap.EnableRolapCubeMemberCache=false, but I don't fully
> understand the consequences of setting this property to false.  Can
> anyone elaborate?
> 2)  In the unit test MemberCacheControlTest.testDeleteCommand(), the
> test allows two possible outcomes - one that flushes only the desired
> member and one that flushes the entire level.  Walking through the test
> it always seems to flush the entire level which is arguably less
> desirable. Does anyone understand this behavior?
> 3)  The code specifically does not allow flushing of parent-child
> dimensions and, as luck would have it, the dimension I am most
> interested in flushing is parent-child.  There is no comment as to why
> parent-child isn't allowed - can anyone fill me in on what the
> difficultly might be in implementing this?
> 4)  Finally, my specific use case is that I have a volatile dimension
> that I wish never to be cached.  I could clear the cache manually before
> each query, but I'd rather specify an optional property in my schema
> telling Mondrian to never cache the dimension.  Does anyone have any
> objections to that implementation?
> Thanks in advance for your time!
> Mike Pflug
> Thomson Reuters
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