[Mondrian] Dimension member caching

michael.pflug at thomsonreuters.com michael.pflug at thomsonreuters.com
Wed Aug 6 09:13:18 EDT 2008

Hi All - 

  I plan to utilize the dimension member caching feature implemented
with check in 10788 but I have a few questions I'm hoping the community
can help me out with before I get too far:   

1)  The feature is dependant on having the property
mondrian.rolap.EnableRolapCubeMemberCache=false, but I don't fully
understand the consequences of setting this property to false.  Can
anyone elaborate? 

2)  In the unit test MemberCacheControlTest.testDeleteCommand(), the
test allows two possible outcomes - one that flushes only the desired
member and one that flushes the entire level.  Walking through the test
it always seems to flush the entire level which is arguably less
desirable. Does anyone understand this behavior?  

3)  The code specifically does not allow flushing of parent-child
dimensions and, as luck would have it, the dimension I am most
interested in flushing is parent-child.  There is no comment as to why
parent-child isn't allowed - can anyone fill me in on what the
difficultly might be in implementing this?

4)  Finally, my specific use case is that I have a volatile dimension
that I wish never to be cached.  I could clear the cache manually before
each query, but I'd rather specify an optional property in my schema
telling Mondrian to never cache the dimension.  Does anyone have any
objections to that implementation?  

Thanks in advance for your time!

Mike Pflug
Thomson Reuters

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