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miguel mvillagomez at sayab.com.mx
Tue Aug 5 15:19:22 EDT 2008

El mar, 05-08-2008 a las 01:08 -0700, Julian Hyde escribió:
> > miguel wrote:
> >
> > My question is whether we can create a Mondrian a dynamic element that
> > would give the sum of its parts are visible.
> Take a look at the VisualTotals MDX function. I think it does what you need.
> Julian
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Thank you for responding but I have further questions and perhaps very
silly but still failed to get the result.

The first solution that tries to be after reading the forum was modified
to add the dimension property "VisualTotals" leaving it well:

 <Dimension name="Products">
  <Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName='All Products'
VisualTotals="true" primaryKey="id_product">
   <Table name="products"/>
   <Level name="Prod" column="product_name" ordinalColumn="product_name"
type="String" hideMemberIf="IfBlankName" uniqueMembers="true"/>

And although not generate any mistake, I could not observe any change in
the cube.
The second solution was to try to do so by MDX and done that:

with set [Test GrandTotal] as '
          { Ascendants ([Products].[All Products]),
Descendants([Products].[All Products]) }

SELECT {[Products].Members} ON Columns,
{ [Vendors] } ON ROWS
FROM [Sales]

But not see any change.
What I want is to put this element within the "Products" for the "All
Products" show what is being viewed on screen.
It may sound stupid and that Mondrian should be able to do that but
could advise me on how or at least guide a little?

Miguel Ángel Villagómez Díaz
Sayab Technologies S.C.
Tel. 3616-9100

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