[Mondrian] new p4 submit triggers

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Aug 5 05:19:41 EDT 2008

Thanks for putting these triggers in place, John. 

Sorry to get all authoritarian on y'all. I got a bit fed up with telling
people to remove tabs from their source code, and so forth. Hopefully this
will serve as a gentle reminder to follow the coding standards that you all
were following anyway. :)

The trigger calls //open/util/bin/checkFile on each file being edited. I
just modified the checkFile so that you can call it before check-in, to
check for yourself:

$ util/bin/checkFile --opened

To get checkFile, add //open/util to your perforce client specification:

    //open/mondrian/... //yourclient/mondrian/...
    //open/util/... //yourclient/util/...

and then sync.

Quite a few files in mondrian don't follow these standards currently. As
soon as I've integrated the latest over from the 3.0 branch (still warm from
the 3.0.4 release), I will fix all of the files in the main branch. Expect
that in the next day or so.


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> Julian has scripted some new enforcement, and I've installed 
> the scripts 
> on the Perforce server.  Now if you try to submit a .java file 
> containing tabs, or containing lines which end with spaces, 
> or for which 
> the last line is not
> // End YerFileName.java
> you'll get an error describing the problem, and you'll be asked to 
> reattempt the submit after fixing it.
> If you get any bogus rejects, please let us know and we'll 
> fix the scripts.
> The checking script is available in 
> //open/util/bin/checkFile, and you 
> can run it locally if you need to (the diagnostics should be 
> the same as 
> what the server spits back).
> Mondrian currently has one file in violation; it'll need to 
> be fixed as 
> part of its next edit:
> jvs at kotick:~/open/mondrian/src/main/mondrian$ checkFile */*/*/*.java
> gui/validate/impl/WorkbenchJDBCValidator.java: 8: Line ends in space
> gui/validate/impl/WorkbenchJDBCValidator.java: 38: Last line 
> should be 
> "// End WorkbenchJDBCValidator.java"

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