[Mondrian] Dinamic Sum

miguel mvillagomez at sayab.com.mx
Mon Aug 4 19:35:33 EDT 2008

My question is whether we can create a Mondrian a dynamic element that
would give the sum of its parts are visible.
I thought to activate the property "hasAll" and put a name to property
"allMemberName" would be the sum of dynamically according to what
would be, but I note that this only represents the sum of all elements
of the scale is shown and not what you see on screen.

For example the "Image 1" depicts a view of several vendors with some
products here and I agree that the element "All Products" shows such
values, but more to remove certain elements as shown in the "Image 2"
value continues to show the same amount and not the sum of what

Is there a way to create a dimension or measure within the cube that
only the total of selected items displayed on screen or alone?

(I created this cube as a way to test the application and although I
doubt very much that is worth, if they so wish I can give them so they
can see it).

Miguel Ángel Villagómez Díaz
Sayab Technologies S.C.
Tel. 3616-9100

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