[Mondrian] RollupPolicy working properly?

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Fri Apr 25 21:00:05 EDT 2008

Looks like a bug - please log it and I'll look into it when I have a moment.


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I made some the following change to Foodmart.xml to test rollupPolicy 

<Role name="California manager"> <SchemaGrant access="none"> <CubeGrant
cube="Sales" access="all"> <HierarchyGrant hierarchy="[Store]"
rollupPolicy="full" access="custom"> <MemberGrant
member="[Store].[USA].[CA]" access="all"/> </HierarchyGrant>.... etc 
Basically, just changed so that California manager has a rollupPolicy on
[Store] (eliminated level too since that was causing JPivot problems).
When I set the policy to "full" I get the behavior described in the
documentation as "partial" 
select {[Measures].[Unit Sales]} ON COLUMNS,
Hierarchize(Union(Union(Union({[Store].[All Stores]}, [Store].[All
Stores].Children), [Store].[All Stores].[USA].Children), [Store].[All
Stores].[USA].[CA].Children)) ON ROWS
from [Sales]
where [Time].[1997]


All Stores 74,748
USA 74,748
CA 74,748
Beverly Hills 21,333
Los Angeles 25,663
San Diego 25,635
San Francisco 2,117

The All Stores total is the total for only the members this role is allowed
to see. This is also the default behavior:
<HierarchyGrant hierarchy="[Store]" access="custom"> is the same as "full". 

Setting it to "partial" yields no different results. Still, All Stores/USA
are showing only the totals for the members which this user can see.
<HierarchyGrant hierarchy="[Store]" rollupPolicy="partial" access="custom">

Hidden doesn't do the trick either
<HierarchyGrant hierarchy="[Store]" rollupPolicy="hidden" access="custom">

Looks like a bug to me ( mondrian- .war file is what I am
using ) unless I'm daft? Please no honest responses to that statement! :)


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