[Mondrian] MDX query question

Yiguang Hu yighu at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 09:23:08 EDT 2008

I have a MDX query as the following. It works fine if
the database has all the data. 
But problem happens when the database get updated and
some data does not exist such as if "Grade" "1008"
does not exist in the table. Error msg showing sth
like "cube does not have data ...". I do not want to
change the MDX query every time when db is updated. Is
there any way that I can parse the mdx query that can
clean the non-existing columns and either return me
the cleaned mdx or just go ahead process and ignore
the non-existing columns?


 <jp:mondrianQuery id="query01"

select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Stats Weight)]} ON
COLUMNS, NON EMPTY Crossjoin({[Grade].[All
Grades].[100], [Grade].[All Grades].[1008],
[Grade].[All Grades].[101]}, Crossjoin({[Spec].[All
Specs].[1547-M3602], [Spec].[All Specs].[1547-M3606]},
{[Form].[All Forms].[Hex], [Form].[All
Forms].[Rectangle], [Form].[All Forms].[Round]})) ON
from [mycube] where ([Partner].[All Partner],
[Grade].[All Grade], [Vendor].[All Vendors])

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