[Mondrian] RE: Cron <jhyde at marmalade> nice bash --login/home/jhyde/open2/mondrian/bin/megatest --nightly

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Sun Apr 20 23:20:52 EDT 2008

> Will Gorman wrote:
> Looking at the first error, I could imagine this happening if two
> threads were manipulating the MondrianProperties object concurrently.
> Triggers are removed during finalization of RolapSchema, which may be
> the root cause of this particular error.  The garbage 
> collection thread
> might have been cleaning up at the same time the unit test made a
> flushSchemaCache() call.
> This is probably an issue that's been there all along, and was just
> never detected.  We should modify MondrianProperties to be 
> thread safe.

Fixed in change 10925. This entailed a new version of


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